Presentation of Civil War Documents and Memorabilia by The Unfurnishers

Civil War Collection

This set of Civil War documents and other items dates from 1862 until June, 1865. They have been gathered together and presented in a wonderful collection containing photos, documents, military items, and other memorabilia from that time in history.


<<To the left is a photo of Corporal Abran W. Swain in full dress uniform.

The photo on the right is a McLellan Saddle which is in supurb condition today and part of this wonderful collection.>>


Photo of Corporal Abran W. Swain with his wife in later years.>>


Contents of this collection are listed below. There are many items still in excellent condition that are part of our country's history.


<< Photo of Corporal Abran W. Swain's Civil War Uniform still in excellent condition today.

Metal Photograph of Corporal Swain in uniform with rifle.

Discharge document signed John M. Campbell 1st Lieutenant dated 2nd day of June, 1865.Document states he entered for 3 years in Washington.

Letter from family member memorializing Corporal Swain and claiming he fought in 33 battles and skirmishes.

Letter from A. M. Swain to Jeannine Swain dated July 11, 1864.

15 inch wooden instrument with brass on both ends and 7 holes (Pfeiffer)(no marks to identify origin) in good condition.

Document entitled "Flag of the 155th Regiment, Penn's. Vols. Dated: February 28, 1863.

Letter to "Comrade" re proposed.

Small book painted with AMS 155 PV.

Small brass button (one side inscribed) "Grand Army of the Republic - 1861-1866(other side) "campfire with pot over flames".

Shaving mirror encased in wood.

Cloth and paper memorial ribbons from 155th PA. Vol third brigade first division fifth corps.Sept. 3, 1862-June 2, 1865 listing 21 battles

Rand McNally Map of USA 1900.

Newpsper clipping re: Annual Reunion of Old Pittsburgh Zouaves.

Letter to Mrs. Stanley Selby from Ann thompson date 1935 regarding Mell's death.(Not sure what connection to Corporal Swain.)

4 Metal photographs of family members.