Introduction to The Collection of Hasso Von Winning

Hasso Von Winning (1914-2001) was a distinguished scholar of Pre-Columbian civilizations notably West Mexican cultures. Prof. Von Winning's extensive fieldwork was supported by his analysis of thousands of ceramic tomb fragments and glyphs. Analyzed and catalogued over a span of more than thirty years, this important collection is now offered for sale.

The Von Winning library contains the full spectrum of texts on Mesoamerican cultures: standard works, codices, and serial journals. Included are the personally annotated works of the author, correspondence with colleagues, collectors and institutions from around the world.

  • 1. 2,000 Volume Research Library on Meso-American cultures.
  • 2. Over 2,200 Pre-Columbian Artifacts: an excellent collection of Pre-Columbian ceramic fragments, primarily Teotihuacan and West Mexican origins.
  • 3. Publications and writings of Hasso Von Winning, including many fine glyph drawings.
  • 4. Letters, Correspondence and Appraisals
  • 5. Photograph Collection of excavation sites, Lation American travels.
  • 6. Personal Items, including library desk, pith helmets and native weavings.

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